Mike Nagle



Design isn't defined by the deliverables. Instead, I always start by asking why? By identifying and articulating the underlying problem, I can design an innovative, elegant solution that makes people's lives better. Or take an existing product and design experiments to determine how to improve it. Only then do I produce the relevant deliverables (which could be anything from sketches to a a coded prototype in the browser) in order to communicate and then refine that solution. However, the best products are elevated above problem solving. They challenge how people perceive a problem and so can effect cultural change.

I am meticulous in everything I do, from over arching product strategy down to the smallest details as I believe that although good design is invisible, great design is emotionally engaging and addictive.

I've worked on my own at tiny startups but also built and managed teams at large organisations where individuals are given creative freedom within a framework of shared methodology and design principles. Inspiring a team to do great work gives me immense satisfaction. My predilection to working across the whole lifecycle of products has meant that I've mostly worked client side but what's important to me is to create products that will have a meaningful impact on the people that use them.


What type of designer am I? What type of designer am I?



I am incurably curious about people, places, products and services - always asking ‘why?’ Being observant is key to being a good designer; I think this improves my empathy and listening skills too


Essential so that people can critique my work honestly, openly and therefore effectively. I don't take any feedback on my designs personally


It's my job to listen to anyone and everyone, understand their problems and frustrations, collect their thoughts and ideas and then synthesise it all into something better. I like to get everybody involved in the design process


I get bored when I'm not learning new things. Which is just as well given how fast moving an area design is. Whether it’s from books, classes, workshops, blogs, Twitter or communities like Designer News, it all helps me become a better designer


I’m no slave to design dogma - mine or anyone else’s. Give me a good enough reason or show me evidence to the contrary and I’ll change my mind. It’s the scientist in me: I have strong opionions that are weakly held


I used to be a professional journalist so I know how to tell a story. Plus I’m pretty talkative and plenty of practice has made me an good communicator. Mix that with my love of data and I can also communicate visually


I care about the products I work on and always tackle problems with energy and passion. Products can change people’s lives so we should be demanding and ambitious


I am willing to make the tough decisions and be accountable for them. I don’t let fear of failure prevent me from trying.


Design is the driving force behind product quality; not technology or features. I will always stand up for what is right for the user as, like IBM’s Tom Watson, I believe good design is good business


Freelance designer
Editor, DrugResearcher.com,
Freelance journalist
UX Designer,
Cancer Research UK
UX Designer / IA,
UX Manager, ITV
Head of UX, Startup
Head of UX&D, ITV
Director of Experience, BNT
Lead UX Designer, BlueRubicon
Lead UX Designer,
Ubuntu OS (Canonical)
Head of UX, Rightmove
Experience Director,
The App Business
UX Director
Experience Director
Wolff Olins
Head of UX
GM Kahoot! London
The Queen's College,
University of Oxford,
NCTJ Preliminary certificate,

  • Co-founder, Brainlist
  • Design consultant, The App Business
  • Head of UX, Rightmove
  • Director of Experience, BraveNewTalent
  • Head of UX&D, ITV
  • Head of UX, The Talent Channels
  • UX Manager, ITV
  • UX Designer / IA, Webjam
  • UX Designer, Cancer Research UK
  • Editor, DrugResearcher.com, Decision News Media (now part of William Reed)
  • plus some freelance design and journalism, though rarely both at once

  • The Queen's College, University of Oxford, MChem
  • NCTJ Preliminary certificate, Journalism
  • Plus a whole bunch of informal learning from courses, conferences, books etc...


Ok, most of the stuff I've been doing the last four or five years I can't put online but get in touch and I'll happily walk you through some of it.


  • Mike came into Webcredible to direct the UX team and help improve the quality of our work. He quickly built strong relationships with us and taught us a range of better techniques to enhance what we do. He also introduced new processes that brought us closer together and pushed us to learn and be more innovative, which was well needed.

    On a personal level Mike is a pleasure to work with and strikes the right balance between being fun and doing a great job. If you're looking for a Product or UX guy who can shape the culture and organisation of the business, Mike is your man!

    Jack Josephy, UX Lead at Webcredible

  • With his extensive knowledge and experience Mike gave additional depth and understanding to the problems we were solving with our clients. He's a confident speaker, a humble and egoless driver of work, and has a refreshing viewpoint on how to define and shape the right user experience of a product.

    On the projects he was directly involved there was a distinct Mike deficit when he left them and he will leave a lasting impression on the Design team and wider company with his thoughts and recommendations on our principles and processes.

    Iain McConchie, Head of Design at The App Business

  • Mike made a huge impact in a very short space of time and showed us what we needed to do to make Rightmove a design led company. As well as being very smart, Mike has an incredible passion for design and for learning. This is a powerful combination! Mike has also been broadening his skills over the past few years too; for example, he has added UX strategy and coding to his arsenal. This makes him a great asset for a startup and a truly 'full stack designer' / product guy for anyone lucky enough to have him on their team. In summary, I've known Mike for a number of years now, and the more I work with him the more he impresses me. Hire him if you can!

    James Mickelthwait, Head of Product Development at Rightmove

  • Mike is a joy to work with - always enthusiastic, passionate and creative about what he does. He brings contagious energy to his work.

    Mike is strong in both design and strategy. He is also practical in his approach to execution. At BraveNewTalent he understood the needs of the customer and the users of the platform and tried to balance them. Most importantly Mike has a very high level of integrity. He follows his passions and beliefs to the end. I have grown to immensely respect him.

    I have enjoyed working with Mike and would recommend him for future roles.

    Lucian Tarnowski, CEO and Founder, BraveNewTalent

  • I believe it will be difficult to find someone so reliable, professional and knowledgeable like Mike Nagle. When working together he is my missing left side of the brain, we teamed up as a perfect couple. Mike takes Design (with a capital D) with the precision of a surgeon, there's nothing in a product that is irrelevant, in his mind every single element is critical, the result comes always in the shape of innovative, simple and beautiful elegance.

    The same principle is applicable to his role as a manager, he drives design processes with constructive conviction, he defends design with the strength of tangible truths, solid analysis of data and the proofs of research. On the technical side, he has become an expert on navigating highly complex data and content structures in multiplatform environments, and a fresh innovator on understanding new types of relations between people and content.

    A great communicator and influencer, and a highly respected member of the organisation. Mike always goes beyond his duty and literally becomes the point of reference that links people with technology and with business needs. Mike is the perfect blend between a creative and a scientist, exactly what every Designer should be.

    Alberto Barreiro, Head of Experience at ITV

  • Mike is a fantastic information architect - take that as a given. He has a deep command of the tools and decisions that make a website usable and drive the desirable behaviours any digital publisher will be looking for. He's a pro. But Mike's abilities transcend those of your average talented IA. Smart, ambitious, and with an incredible talent for stakeholder management, Mike has demonstrated he can work on product at the conceptual level, understand the technical and commercial environment, and use his talent to sell the organisation on his desired approach.

    To say I'd be happy to have Mike as a product manager would be to sell his capabilities short. His career prospects are bound only by his imagination, and when you bring him on board you will quickly realise the outstanding value he brings.

    Andrew Levy, Director of Product & Delivery at ITV